October 9, 2012 contact webmail login phone: 907. 563. 3145 anchorage fracture and orthopedic clinic home orthopedic services sports medicine joint replacement hand & wrist spine care fractures & trauma diagnostics physical therapy medical team physicians pa-cs physical therapists walk-in clinic patient information download forms surgery center education/resources location, map & directions, parking view our latest brochure community & news need a physician who is specialized to suit a specific need? effect viagra on women All our physicians have extensive experience in the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Collectively, they have more fellowship training than any other orthopedic clinic in alaska. effect viagra on women Anchorage fracture & orthopedic clinic has several physicians with sub-specialty expertise. viagra for sale Click one of the categories below to see sub-specialty physicians → sports medicine joint replacement hand & wrist care spine care fractures & trauma you are here: home / orthopedic services / hand & wrist care hand & wrist care hand surgery is a very specific field of orthopedics and requires expert training. The orthopedic surgeons at afoc include a fellowship-trained hand and wrist specialist. uk viagra sales Our talented hand and wrist surgeon is highly-qualified to treat the delicate network of tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, and bones in this region. viagra canada online Our patients receive diligent follow-up care and hand therapy. Share/bookmark our location 3831 piper street, suite s-220 anchorage, ak 99508 • 907. 563. effect viagra on women 3145 map & directions follow us on facebook learn more at facebook return to top of page copyright © 2012 anchorage fracture and orthopedic clinic. All rights reserved · website by sundog media · log in. Ions, and helping you choose the right course of treatment for your condition. buy generic viagra online   we provide the following treatments: wrist casting – depending on the nature of the injury, a splint or casting may be recommended to promote proper healing. viagra sex offenders youtube   for more complex wrist fractures, surgery may be required. hard sell movie viagra   complementary hand therapy may also be prescribed as part of your treatment. buy generic viagra in the uk Wrist therapy – therapeutic rehabilitation may be prescribed for the management of acute or chronic wrist pain, or to increase motion, dexterity and strength. Corticosteroid injections – corticosteroid injections may be used to relieve symptoms of pain and swelling associated with arthritis of the wrist and other conditions. buy cheap viagra These are powerful anti-inflammatory medicines injected into your wrist to relieve pain and swelling wrist surgery - when indicated, surgery may be recommended to repair wrist fractures or ruptured or torn ligaments in the wrist, or to relieve pain associated with joint degeneration and other conditions. maximum dose for viagra Our hand surgeons are skilled in a wide variety of techniques including: cyst and tumor removal, including ex. generic viagra